How to Smoke a Turkey in an Electric Smoker

How to Smoke a Turkey in an Electric Smoker

A perfectly smoked turkey is an ideal cuisine that you can serve during Thanksgiving Day and any family gathering. But, do you know how to smoke a turkey using an electric smoker?

Smoking a turkey involves a lot of preparation in order to achieve perfect flavor and tenderness.

Common preparations for smoking a turkey electric smoker

  • Thawing and cleaning

Just like cooking any kind of meat, it’s always a rule of thumb to buy fresh one instead of cooking a frozen one. In order to clean the turkey thoroughly, take some time to thaw the turkey. It would be a lot easier to remove the intestines and internal organs as well as the neck.

  • Soak in salt water

Soaking the turkey in a brine solution or salt water plays a big role to achieve tenderness of the smoked turkey. You can mix a cup of salt and 4 parts of water for the brine solution. After cleaning the turkey, dip the whole turkey in the solution and leave it there for an hour, but may also depends on the quantity. The brine solution will make the connective tissues to rupture, thus the moisture will seep through.

  • Drying

After soaking the turkey in a brine solution, the next step is to wash it in normal water. Make sure to clean the entire surface and the cavity. Dry it off using a towel and let it stand for about 16 to 24 hours. This is to allow the salt absorb throughout the turkey.

  • Prepare the rub

The next step is preparing a wet rub, a combination of seasonings and ¼ cup of vegetable oil. The seasoning includes 2 teaspoons each of onion powder, kosher salt, garlic powder, paprika, powdered ginger, and white pepper. The paste will enhance the moisture absorption.

Apply the dry rub inside the body while the wet rub on the outside surface. Remove the skin from the flesh before applying the rub on the inner breast. Be careful not to rip off the skin so that the inner flesh won’t be exposed to smoke.

  • Smoking

The final step will be smoking the turkey using an electric smoker. Preheat the smoker grate at 225-250° Fahrenheit. Make sure that the grate is well-greased to avoid sticking of the meat.

Position the turkey upside down and begin smoking. Check the turkey every 30 minutes and apply vegetable oil or butter to maintain the moisture.

The duration of smoking may take about 2 hours, but may also depend on the quantity. Continue smoking until the final internal temperature is 170°Fahrenheit. This is the right time to determine that the smoked turkey is well-grilled inside out.

A well-done smoked turkey should not have bitterness in its taste. Keep in mind that the smoke can easily absorb into the turkey. That’s why it’s recommended to utilize mild wood such as apple or cherry. This will add sweet flavor to the meat.